Teaching Digital Learners

by Luisa Alonso-Rice

Integrating Technology in the classroom

Every student is a potential learner in my classroom. I utilize different media that I can customize and personalize according to my students’ individual needs, and I’m not just referring to my students with special needs. I also believe in multiple intelligences and try to provide an environment that stimulates they brain in different ways and bombards them with knowledge from all different directions.

The use of technology in the classroom provides different sources such as video, audio, interactive textbook, Smart board, and games that motive learners to absorb, process and retain all information.

Integrating Technology in the classroom




  1. I learned a lot about using technology in the presentation and it has gotten me interested in teaching! I will definitely use the comics in my classroom, they are a fun way to engage my future students’ creativity!

  2. The presentation was very useful! It gave us a lot of information on how to use technology in the classroom. The videos and podcasts were really amazing.

  3. All of these resources are amazing! Thank you for showing us all of them. I will definitely be using them when I teach.

  4. I really enjoyed this. I definitely really want to use technology in my classroom. This was a really nice summary/example of things I’ve seen or haven’t seen that I want to use. Microscope stuff/webcam lab. Love fun student made videos and want to use that too.

  5. I liked tonight’s presentation because ther is so much to learn about technology and it is overwhelming to think about incorporating it into the classroom but after tonight I feel confident about seeing how enthusiastic the students were when playing with technology and learning. =)

  6. I loved all the resources that were provided using technology to teach and assess- very valuable!

  7. I learned a lot from these resources and websites. I definitely would use the text message poll and the Senteo quizzes.

  8. I will use many of the websites that we reviewed. I am anxious to learn more about using the Smart Board. The interactive quiz was fun.

  9. Senteos – these are awesome! I can see/imagine students would be very interested in participating.
    I enjoyed the Smart Board demonstration as well.

  10. Using tech in school is what I’m all about as a teacher. Seeing all these examples and ideas was fantastic and solidified my urge to approach education as hitech.

  11. I laready love the Smart Boards, but can’t wait to use the interactive games on them!

  12. I hope that my student teaching placements have Smart Boards because I’m really not familiar w/them at all, but I can see how they’re useful.

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