Teaching Digital Learners

by Luisa Alonso-Rice

SUNY Oswego’s Project SMART

SUNY Oswego

SUNY Oswego

It’s an honor for me to participate as the key note speaker in Project SMART at SUNY Oswego, my Alma matter.
I received three degrees from SUNY Oswego; B.S. in Business Administration, B.A. in Spanish and  Masters in Secondary Education. The use of technology in my everyday life has allowed me to have my own Internet Marketing business without concerns about a physical building and overhead costs, and be a full time Spanish teacher which I consider my vocation, not my profession. I’m also a Federal Court Interpreter in my spare time.
I truly believe students today have digital minds. The way they process information is very different from the way we used to process information twenty years ago. When young people play videogames, they not only have to have hand-eye coordination. They also have to memorize the path they need to follow in the game, the obstacles they need to overcome and think of strategies to conquer it. We didn’t process information as they do now because we didn’t have the same resources they currently have. We cannot teach our students utilizing the same methods used twenty years ago with pen and paper.
Every student is a potential learner in my classroom. I utilize different media that I can customize and personalize according to my students’ individual needs, and I’m not just referring to my students with special needs. I also believe in multiple intelligences and try to provide an environment that stimulates they brain in different ways and bombards them with knowledge from all different directions.
The use of technology in the classroom provides different sources such as video, audio, interactive textbook, Smart board, and games that motive learners to absorb, process and retain all information.

Integrating Technology in the classroom slides PDF

Integrating Technology in the classroom FULL PowerPoint

The following video was created using Microsoft Photo Story 3 to make show-n-tell cool again.


  1. Loved your presentation!
    I totally agree with you, we as teachers need to catch up with the technology our students are using and implement it in our classrooms.
    Mere ink and paper does not cut it anymore.

    Thanks for being such a wonderful keynote!

  2. Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding while we fixed the problems with the computers just before my presentation. I want to reiterate that technology is reliable, human error is usually the cause of any malfunction. Please let me know if I can answer any questions you may have.


    Some men see things the way they are and ask, “Why?”
    I dream things that never were, and ask
    “Why not?” – George Bernard Shaw

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