Teaching Digital Learners

by Luisa Alonso-Rice

Teaching Digital Learners

Classroom boardI truly believe students today have digital minds. The way they process information is very different from the way we used to process information twenty years ago. When young people play videogames, they not only have to have hand-eye coordination. They also have to memorize the path they need to follow in the game, the obstacles they need to overcome and think of strategies to conquer it. We didn’t process information as they do now because we didn’t have the same resources they currently have. We cannot teach our students utilizing the same methods used twenty years ago with pen and paper.
Every student is a potential learner in my classroom. I utilize different media that I can customize and personalize according to my students’ individual needs, and I’m not just referring to my students with special needs. I also believe in multiple intelligences and try to provide an environment that stimulates the brain in different ways and bombard it with knowledge coming from all different directions.
The use of technology in the classroom provides different sources such as video, audio, interactive textbook, Smart board, and games that motive learners to absorb, process and retain all information

The purpose of this blog is to share ideas that will prepare our students to not only succeed in the classroom but will also provide new skills to succeed in the 21st century.

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